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Collection Looks



Sho Konishi 24 Fall/Winter Collection:: Date At Andrew's
Introducing Sho Konishi's 24 Fall/Winter collection: a narrative inspired by the historic landmark, Andrew Freedman Home in the Bronx, New York. The 18 looks presented are a testament to Sho's vision, illustrating a story of resilience and the timeless concept of luxury.
Sho Konishi's studio, located within the Andrew Freedman Home, plays a significant role in the creation of the collection. The building, originally designed by the self-made millionaire Andrew Freedman in the 1930s, was developed as a retirement home for wealthy individuals who had lost their fortunes; many of them in the Wall Street Crash of 1929. When at dinner, formal dress was a requirement, which was exemplified in the retirement home for the formerly wealthy, and became a metaphor for the enduring spirit of refinement amidst adversity that ties the collection together.
Set within the storied walls of the Andrew Freedman Home, the collection tells a romantic tale of a young couple residing within its hallowed halls. Each look presented is a reflection of Anastasya's daily ritual of dressing up for her beloved, capturing the essence of timeless romance amidst a backdrop of refined living.
Throughout the collection, Sho Konishi alters accessible materials into garments of elegance, challenging traditional concepts of luxury. Adding a modern twist, Sho Konishi introduces “formal wear” with blazers and body chains crafted from everyday silver hardware, incorporating unconventional elements like beer caps, hair clips, utensils, and even nail clippers. This move redefines the boundaries of high fashion, turning everyday items into statements of style. The juxtaposition of the ordinary with the extraordinary speaks to the resilience of those who faced setbacks but maintained their sense of grace; showcasing that one's sense of style need not be compromised, even when faced with challenges.

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